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Vedder Thinking | Articles Juan Arciniegas and W. Thomas Conner Author Article in The Investment Lawyer


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Investment Services Shareholders Juan Arciniegas and W. Thomas Conner recently published the article, “The Digital Asset Regulatory Landscape Begins to Take Shape: The Responsible Financial Innovation Act” in the October issue of The Investment Lawyer. In the article, the authors discuss the broad reach of the Responsible Financial Innovation Act (RFIA) on the federal regulation of digital assets and the impact the RFIA is likely to have on securities laws, commodities laws, and tax laws.  

The authors offer their observations as to how these new frameworks may bring some clarity for digital asset companies and practitioners for structuring new digital asset businesses.  The authors conclude that moving forward, the RFIA likely will be used to frame the ongoing legislative and regulatory debate around digital assets within the United States. 

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