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Vedder Thinking | News Joseph Mulherin Comments on Supreme Court’s Recent Arbitration Ruling in Law360’s Midyear Report

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Shareholder and Co-Chair of the Employment Class Action group Joseph K. Mulherin was recently quoted in a Law360 Midyear Report, highlighting “The Biggest Employment Decisions of 2018.” Mr. Mulherin commented on the Supreme Court’s May 21st ruling in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis, a monumental employment law decision affirming the enforceability of mandatory arbitration agreements with class action waivers in the employment context.

Mr. Mulherin noted that he was “not surprised by the Supreme Court’s decision because it certainly was consistent with what we understand the instruction on the [Federal Arbitration Act] was, which is to enforce arbitration agreements unless they violate some sort of contractual principle including whether or not they are unconscionable.” He added that he believes, based on informal survey work, “clients are thinking about implementing these arbitration programs, especially those that have been subjected to multiple class actions.”

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