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Vedder Thinking | News Jonathan Wexler Comments on Tesla’s “Anti-Handbook” in HR Dive

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Labor & Employment Shareholder Jonathan Wexler recently discussed Tesla’s “Anti-Handbook Handbook” and its feasibility in other workplaces in HR Dive. The article centers around Tesla’s non-traditional employee handbook which, in lieu of policy and regulations, focuses on the company’s standards and philosophies.

Mr. Wexler acknowledges that Tesla’s approach to their employee handbook is untraditional, but believes there are some appealing aspects. “It appears Tesla wanted to set expectations for employees and inform them the company will treat workers like adults. I think that's appropriate.”

Mr. Wexler said there are no state or federal laws that require employees to have an employee handbook, but said there are certain notices employers must post on their premises. He notes the lack of FMLA information and paid sick entitlements in an easily accessible handbook could lead to potential claims issues. Acknowledging reports that the “Anti-Handbook” is bolstered with an employee-accessible intranet, Mr. Wexler concludes the article noting that despite some issues, “it may be a good idea to take cues from Tesla's decision to use an intranet. That could make it easier for employees to access and easier for employers to update,” he noted.

The anti-handbook format may also fit the needs of an employer that wants to lay out its philosophy on employee relations instead of doing so in a large document, but it still lacks much of the information employers must convey to their workers.

To read the article in full, please click here. To discuss your employee handbook and policies, please reach out to Mr. Wexler or any Vedder Price Labor & Employment attorney with whom you have worked.


Jonathan A. Wexler