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Vedder Thinking | News Jonathan Wexler and Victoria Jaus Comment on Electronic Monitoring in Bloomberg Law

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Vedder Price Employment Attorneys Jonathan Wexler and Victoria Jaus were interviewed in a recent Bloomberg Law article “New York to Require Employers to Disclose Employee Monitoring.”

The article discusses a new law requiring New York employers to disclose electronic monitoring, such as Internet access and video conferencing, to new hires taking effect in May 2022. This law follows a push from consumers and workers wanting stronger privacy protections with regards to technology.

“New York City is becoming one of the most employee-friendly jurisdictions in the country, and New York state is not far behind,” Wexler said. 

Jaus explains that since the law was just passed, it will take some time for additional guidance to be posted for employers. Companies will have a much better understanding of what this will look like once enforcement of the statute takes effect.

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