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Employment Partner Jonathan Maude was recently featured in Personnel Today sharing insight on the effects of toxic workplace conditions and what employers should be doing to tackle these issues.

The article outlines what toxicity in the workplace can mean and explores the idea that it is not always as traditional as unfair treatment or discrimination. Mr. Maude expands on this and references a recent case on the craft beer brewer, Brewdog, noting the “culture of fear” employees complained about. The company responded to said complaints, promising to do better in the future, but, shortly after, Brewdog pulled its float in the stock exchange.

Mr. Maude weighed in on the case, noting, “At the time it was denied this was, in any way, due to the employee revolt, and we may well never know, but the fact remains business often do not consider the very far reaching effects an adverse culture may have.”

To read the article in full, click here.


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