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Vedder Thinking | Articles Jeffrey C. Davis Contributes "Joint Ventures in Information Technology" to Bloomberg Law


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Jeffrey C. Davis, Shareholder and member of Vedder Price’s Corporate practice area, authored "Joint Ventures in Information Technology: Stone Soup Revisited" for a recent issue of Bloomberg Law Reports: Technology Law.

Mr. Davis, who specializes in information technology matters, uses the classic "Stone Soup" fable as a metaphor for joint ventures involving information technology (IT). Most of these types of agreements, writes Mr. Davis, "arise from somewhat similar circumstances—two or more parties own certain assets which individually have limited value, but, when combined, represent potential value far in excess of the mere sum of their parts."

The article focuses on general approaches to various IT joint-venture issues, particularly exit strategies, so that all parties can maximize value and minimize uncertainty. To read the entire article, please click the link below.