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Mergers & Acquisitions Vedder Service

Vedder Price’s Intellectual Property group provides its clients with value-added services in connection with the transfer, securing and evaluation of intellectual property assets in connection with mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations and related transactions.

Vedder Price’s attorneys provide experienced transactional services relating to the evaluation and securing of intellectual property assets during the early stages of identifying potential target companies or assets for acquisition/divestiture through the final closing stage of the transaction to ensure a proper IP asset risk assessment and transfer. Vedder Price offers complete due diligence services, intellectual property asset strength assessments, integrity verification services for prior due diligence efforts by in-house counsel, international due diligence services and creative approaches to addressing challenges uncovered as a part of the due diligence efforts. Vedder Price attorneys use their licensing experience in information technology, patents, trademarks/servicemarks, joint ventures and experience in practicing before the USPTO and U.S. Copyright Office to provide unparalleled assessments of potential risks in target companies or enhanced valuations for the wide array of differing intellectual property assets of a client or target company. Vedder Price uses its exceptional worldwide network of specialized foreign law firms to facilitate a smooth asset transfer and relevant asset evaluation information for international transactions.