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Topics include

New Rules, Proposed Rules and Guidance

  • SEC Staff No-Action Letter Permits Index ETF to Exceed 1940 Act Limits on Investments in Insurance Companies and Securities-Related Issuers
  • Division of Investment Management Issues Guidance on Fund Disclosure Reflecting Risks Related to Current Market Conditions

Public Statements, Press Releases and Testimony

  • SEC Chair Mary Jo White Addresses Several Topics Regarding Mutual Fund Directors, Including Enforcement Actions and Oversight of Operational, Liquidity and Cybersecurity Risks

Litigation and Enforcement Actions

  • SEC Settles Charges Against AIG Affiliates for Mutual Fund Sales Conflicts
  • U.S. District Court Rules in Favor of Defendants on Remaining Claims in Schwab Case Relating to Violation of Fundamental Investment Policies

Other News and Developments

  • ICI Issues Memo Regarding the Adequacy of Fund Policies, Procedures and Disclosures In Light of Unanticipated Events on Securities Trading Venues

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