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New Rules, Proposed Rules and Guidance

  • Implementation of Identity Theft Prevention Programs Further Delayed Until June 1, 2010
  • SEC Proposes Amendments to Rules Requiring Internet Availability of Proxy Materials
  • SEC Proposes Rules to Enhance Credit Ratings Disclosure
  • SEC Removes Rule References to Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organizations
  • FINRA Requests Comments on Proposed Amendments to Rules Governing Communications With the Public
  • SEC Adopts Rule Requiring Disclosure of Certain Money Market Fund Portfolio Information
  • SEC Proposes Flash Order Ban
  • SEC Proposes Changes to NYSE Corporate Governance Standards
  • Massachusetts Proposes Amendments to Information Security Program Regulations and Compliance Deadline

New Legislation

  • House Financial Services Committee Approves Private Fund Adviser Registration

Other News

  • IDC Issues Task Force Report on Board Oversight of Fund Compliance
  • SEC Provides No-Action Relief Permitting Foreign Funds to Invest in U.S. Funds in Excess of 1940 Act Limitations

Enforcement Actions

  • FINRA Settles Auction Rate Securities Violations with Three Firms
  • SEC Charges Adviser and Its CEO for Fraudulently Overstating Assets