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Vedder Thinking | Articles Intellectual Property Team Examines "Mayo v. Prometheus" in Life Sciences Law & Industry Report


Thomas J. Kowalski and Deborah L. Lu, Shareholders in the firm's Intellectual Property group, recently co-authored an article for Bloomberg BNA’s Life Science's Law & Industry Report. The article, titled "Is Mayo v. Prometheus the End of Diagnostic Patents?," examines the potential impact of the United States Supreme Court's March 2012 decision that a method for adjusting a drug dosage after observing a patient's reaction to a drug administration was patent-ineligible subject matter. The Vedder Price authors—along with Antonio Maschio, Ph.D., a partner with Maschio & Soames LLP in Southampton, United Kingdom—provide both U.S. and European considerations of the unanimous ruling, ultimately asserting that Prometheus does not spell the end of diagnostic patents.

Published by Bloomberg BNA, the Life Sciences Law & Industry Report provides biweekly updates on current regulatory, legislative, and legal issues affecting the many disciplines that make up the burgeoning life sciences industry.

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Deborah L. Lu, Ph.D.


Thomas J. Kowalski