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September 22, 2010

New Issues Affecting Wage and Hour Laws

Vedder Price attorneys Aaron Gelb and Joe Mulherin discuss hot, new issues under the Fair Labor Standards Act and Illinois Wage & Hour Laws.

Part I: A Focus on Independent Contractor Status and Related Classification Issues under Illinois and Federal Wage & Hour Laws

  • Aaron R. Gelb

Manufacturers frequently retain individuals categorized as independent contractors to fulfill a variety of needs in the plant, office, and on company grounds. Federal and state regulators are taking a very close look at these arrangements. Challenges originating with the government and plaintiff's attorneys now more frequently allege that their usage as a ruse to avoid payment of overtime, taxes, and other costs. This segment will examine the myths and reality of independent contractor usage under applicable laws

Part II: Managing Exempt Status in A Manufacturing Company, and Other New Developments Under Illinois and Federal Wage & Hour Laws

  • Joseph K. Mulherin

Wage and Hour litigation continues to explode in all segments of American business. At stake are complicated, large dollar litigation verdicts for back pay, attorneys' fees and other damages. Find out the latest trends in one of the most vexing areas of employment law today.


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