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Vedder Thinking | News Heather Sager Comments on California’s Fair-Pay Law and Its Effect on the Gender Wage Gap

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Heather M. Sager, a Shareholder in Vedder Price's San Francisco office and member of the firm's Labor and Employment group, was recently quoted in an International Business Times article regarding California’s Fair-Pay Law. The article discusses California’s new law and how it prohibits employers from paying men more than women for equal work. This article also examines ways in which this law will narrow the gender wage gap as well as encourage employers to reflect on their own pay practices and their employees’ workplace experiences.

The article suggests taking an extra precaution when following this law, by spending more time and money on company audits. While some companies are hesitant to do so, the article states that “Sager said it’s now more important [than] ever that companies evaluate not just salaries, but the on-the-ground workplace experiences their employees encounter every day.”

To read more of Ms. Sager’s commentary, click here.


Heather M. Sager