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  • Task: trademark selection
    Objective: to narrow the list of potential brands to those for which a trademark search is needed
  • Task: trademark clearance search and opinion
    Objective: to determine the risks associated with use and registration of the trademark
  • Task: trademark investigation of third party trademark
    Objective: to determine additional required information regarding any specific third party trademark identified in the trademark availability search in order to clear any hurdles to successful use and registration of the brand 
  • Task: trademark application filing, prosecution and registration
    Objective: to obtain the broadest possible scope of protection in the filing jurisdiction
  • Task: trademark docket portfolio management
    Objective: to track trademark portfolio particulars including all deadlines of required action to be taken to maintain and enforce rights in the brand
  • Task: trademark watch services
    Objective: to effectively identify third party infringement of the brand
  • Task: brand enforcement plan (pre-litigation and litigation)
    Objective: to protect and enforce the brand against third party infringement
  • Task: advertising, marketing and product packaging review
    Objective: to ensure that promotion of the brand does not violate third party rights and to ensure that third party promotions do not impair the brand
  • Task: online strategies
    Objective: to ensure that the brand is effectively protected, promoted and enforced online
  • Task: IP and IT agreements with third parties
    Objective: to ensure that the brand is effectively protected, enforced and monetized in transaction documents
  • Task: brand guidelines and employee training programs
    Objective: to ensure sufficient quality control of the brand

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