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We are pleased to announce that incoming first-year associate and 2019 summer associate George Cortina has been selected as the firm’s Public Interest Law Initiative (PILI) Graduate Fellow. Vedder Price is sponsoring Mr. Cortina’s public interest work with Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation in Champaign as part of the PILI Fellowship Program, which allows an incoming first-year associate to work at a public interest legal aid organization in Illinois while studying for the Bar Exam. Beginning June 1, Mr. Cortina will dedicate 300 hours to pro bono legal services prior to beginning work as a first-year associate.

“The PILI Fellowship means a lot to me,” said Mr. Cortina. “Vedder has given me the opportunity through this fellowship to help those in my community with the greatest need. It has allowed me to work directly with clients in helping them resolve legal issues and use the legal knowledge that I have acquired throughout my law school career before I start working as an associate.”

PILI ensures quality supervision by experienced attorneys and provides extra educational, networking and advising opportunities. Mr. Cortina will focus his Fellowship pro bono services on assisting veterans, individuals that need help obtaining public benefits and on family law cases. “As attorneys, we are in a unique position to provide a voice for and be an advocate to those that otherwise would not be heard,” Mr. Cortina shared. “I look forward to rejoining my colleagues at Vedder and using this invaluable pro bono experience to further assist those in need.”

PILI’s mission is to cultivate a lifelong commitment to public interest law and pro bono service within the Illinois legal community to expand the availability of legal services for people, families and communities in need. Shareholders Daniel Lange and Patrick Spangler serve on the PILI Board of Directors as Secretary and Board Member, respectively.

“We’re proud to expand our partnership with PILI by sponsoring George as our Graduate Fellow,” said Mr. Lange. Mr. Spangler, Co-Chair of the firm’s Pro Bono Committee, continued, “It’s important for us to instill Vedder’s commitment to providing pro bono legal assistance in our new associates and we look forward to George officially joining us with this vital experience under his belt.”

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation’s lawyers provide a full range of civil legal assistance to low-income residents from 65 counties in central and southern Illinois, including providing advice and counsel, litigation, and community education. For more information about Land of Lincoln, please click here.


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Patrick W. Spangler