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Vedder Thinking | Articles Francis X. Nolan III and John F. Imhof Jr. Contribute Chapter on the Marshall Islands to Lexology Getting the Deal Through - Ship Finance 2020


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Global Transportation Finance Shareholders Francis X. Nolan III and John F. Imhof Jr. were recently published in Lexology Getting the Deal Through for their latest Q&A, Marshall Islands. In the latest volume of their series of annual reports that provide international analysis in key areas of law and policy, Mr. Nolan and Mr. Imhof discuss legal ownership and registration of vessels, repayment options, ship mortgages and other liens over vessels, insolvency and restructuring administration under Marshall Islands law and much more.

To read Mr. Nolan’s and Mr. Imhof's section on the Marshall Islands in PDF format, please download the attachment below.

Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. This article was first published in June 2020. For further information please contact


John F. Imhof Jr.