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Vedder Thinking | News Francis X. Nolan III’s Pro Bono Work Leads to “Successful Negotiation” of SS United States Purchase

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In a recent media alert, The SS Conservancy announced that it will purchase the SS United States, which is widely considered the greatest ocean liner ever built. “This is the first time in the history of the SS United States that a group concerned primarily with the vessel’s historical significance and preservation has owned her,” said Dan McSweeney, the Conservancy’s executive director.

In the same alert, the Conservancy thanks Francis X. Nolan III, a New York-based Vedder Price Shareholder with the Global Transportation Finance (GTF) group, saying that “Frank was central to the successful negotiation of the complicated contracts and other documents necessary to our success.” Nolan led the GTF group in providing robust pro bono services in 2010 related to corporate structure, acquisition and development of the vessel.

According to Susan Gibbs, the Conservancy’s board president as well as granddaughter of the liner’s designer, William Francis Gibbs, the Conservancy is now raising funds to provide crucial support for the historic preservation activities as well as help address certain environmental remediation issues.