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Vedder Thinking | News Esther Langdon Featured in HR Grapevine Article on Workplace Discrimination: Women’s Use of Makeup

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Esther Langdon was recently quoted in an HR Grapevine on sexism in the workplace in relation to employers asking female employees to wear make up to work. The article works to answer the question, do employers have the right to ask female employees to wear makeup to work, and, to what extent is doing so considered a discriminatory breach?

Ms. Langdon states that employers should tread carefully before asking employees to comply with certain rules, especially when telling one sex, usually women, what to wear. “Employers can have dress codes, but they don’t have carte blanche to impose their own view of what looks nice – or what constitutes professional or appropriate work attire.” She continued, noting that all employees can legitimately be asked to look professional and “work ready” to meet clients, for example, but telling women to put on some "war paint and lipstick" for work is likely to be discriminatory because men aren’t asked the same.

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