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London Solicitor Esther Langdon was recently published in People Management for her article, “What Do We Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence?” in which she discusses the steps HR professionals must take with the AI revolution gaining speed as the “fourth industrial revolution.”

She states that businesses need to “start preparing now for AI and fundamental technological transformation to be part of the customer experience,” while also integrating this sweeping technological change into their future workforce strategy. A big component of this will involve educating employers about AI to demystify the stigmas associated with it. Ms. Langdon emphasizes that “employers and employees alike will need to show flexibility, adaptability, innovation and resilience” as these different skills will be “valued more and more as they help businesses respond to a quickly changing world.”

In sum, “it can’t be too early to start thinking about how AI will affect your business, your workforce and your customers.” To read the article in full, please click here.


Esther Langdon