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Vedder Thinking | News Esther Langdon Comments on the Relevance of the Phrase "Work-Life" Balance in HR Grapevine

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Employment Solicitor Esther Langdon recently commented on issues with the phrase “work-life balance” and its relevance, or lack thereof, in the current employment climate in an HR Grapevine article.

Experts in the article state that using the phrase “work-life balance” often leads to negative outcomes for employees. The phrase encourages employees to view their lives in two parts (work and life) which often leaves work feeling like a burden that balances out the “good” in life. Ms. Langdon shares these sentiments as she comments on how employees perceive “work-life balance” from a psychological perspective.

“It’s unhelpful as I have always thought that, psychologically, setting up a dichotomy between work (bad/full of obligations) and life (good/fun) can be a negative way to look at things,” explained Ms. Langdon. “The aspiration should be to find, sustain and be supported at good and fulfilling work which is part of life, not in antithesis to it.”

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