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Employment Solicitor Esther Langdon recently commented on employers’ ability to override or refuse previously accepted time off requests from employees in HR Grapevine.

The article uses a recent example from in which a bride-to-be posted about her experience being refused time off to attend her own wedding, despite the time off having been previously approved. This situation provides an example of the care managers should take when handling annual leave time by employees.

Although an employer’s refusal is permitted with clear business reasons, Esther Langdon explains that doing so may end up being more costly than making accommodations to allow the employee to take their time off.

Ms. Langdon explained the bigger picture issue of retroactively refusing time off requests, stating “. This appears to be a textbook example of a decision which is so unpopular that you have to ask whether, whatever the law says, it was worth it. It looks set to lose the business an employee, and it’s doubtful that this is the kind of publicity its looking for.” Ms. Langdon continues, explaining that “In any event, various legal rights could come into play here.”

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