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London Employment Solicitor Esther Langdon recently authored an article on Family Friendly Policies for People Management Daily. In the article entitled, “The Benefits of Family-Friendly Policies,” Ms. Langdon explains that if employers want to stand out from the crowd, they should get creative with their policies when trying to attract and retain valued employees.

Ms. Langdon notes that there is no longer anything “traditional” when it comes to families in 2018. She writes, “Many modern families find that the statutory family-friendly schemes do not meet their needs.” She continues with examples of recent cases that challenge shared parental pay schemes which pave the way for a wider discussion on the primary purpose of maternity leave.

“It is a good time for employers to think about how they want to be seen, both by their employees and in the market,” writes Ms. Langdon. She believes employers should think about going above and beyond the statutory benefits positioning, but advises companies to remember that any family-friendly rights that go beyond the employer’s legal duties will always need to be carefully thought through. 

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To read the article in full in People Management Daily, please click here.


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