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Vedder Thinking | Events Edward Gross, David Hernandez and Melissa Kopit to Present at Corporate Jet Investor's Aircraft Transaction Masterclass 2019 in Miami


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November 14 – 15, 2019

Vedder Price Global Transportation Finance attorneys Edward K. Gross, David M. Hernandez and Melissa Kopit will present at Corporate Jet Investor’s (CJI) Aircraft Transaction Masterclass 2019 in Miami, FL on November 14 – 15. The two-day interactive course, led by business aviation industry professionals, provides attendees with practical examples and case studies in order to better understand how to successfully close aircraft transactions and deals.

Mr. Gross and Ms. Kopit will co-moderate the session, “Legal Considerations For Aircraft Debt And Lease Finance,” will cover the basic elements of structuring loan and lease agreements, personal and corporate guarantees, and will analyze more complex structures as they relate to debt finance.

Mr. Hernandez will participate in two sessions throughout the event. The first session, “Key Legal Aspects Of The Sales Process” will address key legal aspects of the sales process, the most important elements of the LOI, long form versus short form, negotiating the deposit and escrow, the aircraft sale and purchase agreement, and getting deals to completion. He will also present a case study on “War Gaming A Hostile Repossession,” which will identify potential risks in repossessing an aircraft, managing risks, and highlight the importance of planning.

To learn more about CJI’s Aircraft Transaction Masterclass, click here.


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