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Vedder Thinking | Articles Edward Gross and Melissa Kopit Co-Author Article in Equipment Leasing and Finance Magazine


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Vedder Price Global Transportation Finance attorneys Edward Gross and Melissa Kopit recently co-authored a column on leasing law in the Equipment Leasing and Finance magazine.

In the article, “New or Not-So-New Things to Know”, Mr. Gross and Ms. Kopit discuss emerging legal issues related to air finance that may be relevant to lenders and lessors. The air finance issue summary is included in the referenced article together with summaries from other contributors regarding rail and marine assets, for the purpose of making lenders, lessors and other investors aware of certain existing and evolving laws, regulations, cases and trends related to transportation assets.

The article includes a summary by Mr. Gross and Ms. Kopit regarding the implications to the air finance market participants of certain recent cases and legislative developments, and an explanation of railroad reporting marks and updates to marine transportation regulations by the other contributors.

To read the article in full, click here.


Edward K. Gross