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WAVES: Women at Vedder Empowering Success

The WAVES mission is to support the firm’s women attorneys in developing the skills and strategies to be successful in their practices, at the firm and in the community.

The goals of the initiative are to promote the recruitment, retention and advancement of the firm’s women attorneys while providing meaningful opportunities for interaction among them to develop mentoring relationships as well as additional opportunities to expand their practices.

Through discussions, events, networking opportunities and business development trainings, WAVES strives to enhance our attorneys’ abilities and strengthen connections with our clients.

Under the direction of the Diversity Committee, WAVES is currently co-chaired by women shareholders across four offices: Amy L. Bess of the Washington, DC office; Blythe E. Lovinger of the New York office; Elizabeth N. Hall of the Chicago office; Michelle L. Landry of the San Francisco office; and Candice T. Zee of the Los Angeles office. The group is also supported by Laurel Dearborn, Director of Associate Development.

At Vedder, we endeavor to provide women with the means to make waves and create a significant impression in their professional careers.


Amy L. Bess


Laurel A. Dearborn

Michelle L. Landry


Blythe E. Lovinger


Jeanah Park


Candice T. Zee


Elizabeth N. Hall