Vedder Price

In keeping with our commitment to diversity, we established the Vedder Price Diversity Scholarship in 2005.

This Scholarship provides a $5,000 monetary award for law school-related expenses and a guaranteed summer associate position in our Summer Associate Program after the scholarship recipient's first year of law school. The Scholarship has been traditionally offered in our Chicago office, and we are pleased to announce that we are adding a Scholarship position in our New York office for the Summer of 2018.

To be eligible, you must be a first-year law student who is a student of color, LGBT, a person with a disability or a person whose background or experience would otherwise contribute to the diversity of Vedder Price and the legal profession.

Please see our 2018 Diversity Scholarship Overview to learn more about us and the experiences of previous Diversity Scholarship recipients.

Thank you to all who applied for our 2018 Diversity Scholarship Program. We look forward to awarding the Scholarships in March 2018.

  • Nicholas Vera, 2017 Diversity Scholar & 2017/2018 Summer Associate, University of Chicago Law School, Class of 2019

    “The experiences offered through Vedder Price’s Diversity Scholarship program are invaluable. As a 1L summer associate, I was able to work on a range of projects in various practice areas. Not only did that help me crystallize the concepts I learned throughout my 1L year, but it also allowed me to get a better idea of the substantive content of each department’s work. Thanks to my experience at Vedder, I now know which practice area I want to specialize in in the future. More importantly, as a law student from a diverse background, one of the biggest things I look for in a firm is an open and encouraging atmosphere so that I can improve and grow my legal skillset without feeling encumbered by a need to “win over” a group. The main reason I am returning to Vedder for my 2L summer is because the partners and associates truly project an environment of friendliness, openness, and mentorship. With so many summer associate events planned throughout the summer, meeting and building relationships with your colleagues is easy and enjoyable, which makes working and learning from them all the better."