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Vedder Thinking | News Dion Beatty Featured in Chicago-Kent College of Law Blog for Alumni Panel Presentation

Media Mention

Labor & Employment Attorney Dion L. Beatty recently presented at the Chicago-Kent 2018 Orientation, offering his career advice with the newest entering class of law students. Mr. Beatty’s insightful comments were featured on Chicago-Kent’s blog, CK Now.

Mr. Beatty urged students to look for classes that allow them to be extremely knowledgeable in a specific topic, even as newcomers. He also offered first hand examples from his experience in school, such as taking a Cannabis Law class, which prepared him for the employment issues regarding drug testing and drug policies that employers and clients now face. Mr. Beatty also noted, “If you are undecided, it’s good to be open. If you have mapped out a career path carefully, learn what you need to in order to move in that direction.”

Mr. Beatty left the class with his final words of wisdom, “Keep your eyes on the prize and focus on what will work for you.”

To read Mr. Beatty’s and the other panelist comments, please click here.


Dion L. Beatty