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Vedder Thinking | Events David Hernandez to Speak at the 2023 NBAA Business Aviation Taxes Seminar


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June 8, 2023

Global Transportation Finance Shareholder David M. Hernandez will present at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Business Aviation Taxes Seminar on June 8, 2023 in Chicago.

Mr. Hernandez will speak on the panel “Aircraft Leasing Complexities” where he and his co-panelist will explain the relevant FAA and tax concerns and gray areas, discuss FAA and tax concerns relating to shared and joint use of aircraft, analyze the application of the exceptions to the listed property rules provided in IRC Sec. 280F(c)(1), explain how IRC Sec. 280F(c)(2) through (4) operates for aircraft lessees and discuss FAA issues such as the transfer of operational control.

Vedder Price is a proud sponsor of this event. To learn more about the seminar and to register, please click here.


David M. Hernandez