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November 13, 2019

Intellectual Property Shareholder Daniel H. Shulman will present at the 5th Annual Centerforce IP Strategy Summit in Seattle on November 13. Structured around “Risk & Uncertainty: The New Normal for IP,” the conference will address legal uncertainty still at-play eight years after the implementation of the AIA. The program brings together in-house counsel, intellectual property industry leaders and other professionals from the IP world to provide insight into new tools and strategies.

Mr. Shulman will present the case study, “Artificial Intelligence & Patents: What Happens When a Computer Invents Something?” In the presentation, Mr. Shulman will discuss the reality of artificial intelligence reaching a point where it is not only able to solve difficult problems humans cannot, but actually “invent” something patentable. Using documented examples where computers have already been found to create patents owned by humans, Mr. Shulman will answer questions including:

  • What do we do with these inventions?
  • Do we need new laws?
  • Do we need new rules of inventorship?

For more information on the conference and Mr. Shulman’s presentation, please click here.


Daniel H. Shulman