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November 3 – 5, 2019

Intellectual Property Shareholder Daniel H. Shulman will be the Chairman of, and present at, the International Performance Management Institute’s (IPMI) IP Law & Management Institute on November 3 – 5 in Los Angeles, CA.

The conference is designed to enhance the expertise of Intellectual Property professionals from various organizations and industries across North America by providing an opportunity to network and discuss legal issues affecting IP. The conference will be attending by high ranking corporate IP professionals from companies such as Apple, Broadcom, Microsoft, Estee Lauder, Honeywell, NBC Universal, Ricoh, MetLife, JPMorgan Chase, and others.

Mr. Shulman will Chair the event and deliver an address entitled “Looking Beyond The Mirror—What Every In House Counsel Wishes Every Outside Counsel Knew” in which he will provide a reflection from a former outside counsel who spent the last dozen years in house as Chief IP Counsel, and is now back as outside counsel to win clients using the Golden Rule—don’t do anything for a client you would not accept yourself if you were in their shoes. Mr. Shulman will give insight on how he attempts to look beyond the mirror to clearly see his clients’ perspectives.

Additionally, Vedder Price is a proud sponsor of the conference.

To learn more about the IP Law & Management Institute, click here.


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