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Vedder Thinking | Events Dan Shulman to Present at The AI Strategy Summit: IP, Data and Compliance – Chicago


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May 30, 2024

Vedder Price Shareholder Daniel Shulman will be a featured speaker at “The AI Strategy Summit: IP, Data and Compliance – Chicago” on May 30, 2024. Mr. Shulman, a member of the Chicago office’s Intellectual Property Practice Group, will lead the seminar titled “Throwing a Ball in the House—Why Your Parents Taught You to be Careful with AI”.

The presentation will discuss the role of the in-house counsel while assessing new risks that arise when implementing artificial intelligence (AI) into business practices. Registration for the summit is available now online. To register or to view a full schedule of the day’s events - including Daniel’s seminar - visit the CenterForce Conferences website, here.


Daniel H. Shulman