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Vedder Thinking | Articles Cameron Gee Discusses Lowering Risk in PDP Transactions in Aircraft Finance Guide 2012


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Cameron A. Gee, Shareholder and member of the Global Transportation Finance team, contributed to the 2012 edition of Aircraft Finance Guide with the article “Lowering Risk in Pre-Delivery Transactions.”

Mr. Gee addresses the risks inherent in pre-delivery payment (PDP) transactions, particularly the claw-back risk in the context of a U.S. bankruptcy proceeding. This type of risk, explains Mr. Gee, has become a larger issue in PDP transactions in recent years. The article outlines several approaches for dealing with claw-back risk for all participants in PDP transactions.

Read "Lowering Risk in Pre-Delivery Transactions," as published in UBM Aviation's Aircraft Finance Guide, 2012, by clicking the link below.