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Business Aviation Services Vedder Service

Vedder Price provides a full range of support for clients involved in business aviation.

You can expect to work with experienced attorneys who have a deep and comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the complex area business aviation, enabling us to provide responsive, efficient and effective services.

Broad and substantial business aviation experience. We have extensive experience in virtually every facet of business aviation, including hands-on operational and regulatory experience—collectively, we have a level of experience that sets us apart from peers.

We assist clients with:

  • Aircraft ownership and operating structures
  • Fractional ownership and leasehold interests
  • Aircraft purchase and sale negotiations and documentation 
  • Leasing and finance arrangements
  • Domestic and international aircraft registration matters
  • Federal taxation of aircraft use and ownership
  • State sales and use taxes
  • FAA, DOT and TSA regulatory matters

Our attorneys also assist clients with agreements relating to:

  • Personal use, executive compensation, and related IRS and SEC matters
  • Aircraft management
  • FAR Part 91 and FAR Part 135 dry leases, time sharing,  inter-change and joint use agreements
  • Aircraft maintenance and refurbishment
  • Engine and airframe support and maintenance overhauls
  • Pilot services
  • Hangar leases
  • Aircraft parts and ground support equipment