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Bryan Clark, Shareholder at Vedder Price and a member of the Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Media group in the firm’s Chicago office, was recently quoted in a Reynolds Journalism Institute article titled “Media law experts discuss legal risks and challenges of AI tools.” The article discusses the various legal risks that could arise when using AI in journalism, including defamation, privacy and copyright issues. 

Clark explains that many AI tools may not be accurate: “There’s still a regular occurrence where you plug things in and something pops out that’s completely made up and fantastical,” he said. “If you’re a journalist trying to use this for research purposes, ChatGPT or any other tool could scour a lot of sources faster than you can, but there also might be something in there that’s completely false. If you don’t know that, you could end up building a whole story around something that is made up.”

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Bryan K. Clark