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Vedder Thinking | News Brexit Woes Continue: Sam Tyfield Comments on Post-Brexit Stock Trading in Bloomberg

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Brexit is set to happen March 29 unless the UK asks for a delay, and it’s widely assumed that a no-deal Brexit would trigger chaos for European stock markets. London Finance & Transactions Partner Sam Tyfield has had much to say on the impact this decision will have on the market and the statements made by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

Most recently, in Bloomberg, Mr. Tyfield noted, ESMA’s statement that firms must trade certain stocks on platforms based in the bloc and not on UK ones “does fulfill its objective of providing certainty but most likely at the expense of market continuity, liquidity and definitely at the political expense of the U.K.”

The article notes that “The last-minute spat over equity trading stands in contrast to recent efforts by the UK and EU to work together to prevent a non-negotiated Brexit from disrupting markets.”

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