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Vedder Thinking | News Brett Heinrich Profiled in Leading Lawyers Magazine — Real Estate Edition 2020

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Brett Heinrich was recently profiled in Leading Lawyers Magazine—Real Estate Edition. The article provides a comprehensive look at Mr. Heinrich’s career before Vedder Price which included various assignments under the Illinois Attorney General’s office, rising the ranks to become the assistant general counsel for Waste Management’s Midwest group and his experience starting and operating his own environmental private practice.

The article goes on to outline how Mr. Heinrich’s extensive experience in environmental law made him the perfect candidate for Vedder Price as the firm launched an environmental group in 2013. Working in government, operating a private practice and serving as an in-house counsel allowed Mr. Heinrich to grow Vedder Price’s environmental group around the globe while solving complicated problems for clients. While the work itself is rewarding, Mr. Heinrich believes the relationships made along the way are equally important. He states, “Every place I’ve been, I’ve learned a tremendous amount not only as a lawyer but also as a person. Everywhere I’ve found great team spirit and so many people who helped me along the way. It’s been a fantastic ride, and the best is yet to come.”

To read the entire profile in Leading Lawyers Magazine, please download the attachment below.


Brett D. Heinrich