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Over the course of the next century, advancements in chemistry, biotechnology, medicine and agriculture will revolutionize the quality of human life.

Extraordinary opportunity for growth exists for those who can be the first to deliver on this technological change. At the core of developing new technologies, however, is the need to secure quality protection for your intellectual property assets before they enter the marketplace.

Vedder Price offers a full range of intellectual property and related services for chemical, mechanical, biotechnology and other life science companies in both the domestic and the international marketplace. Our practice is dedicated to securing valuable intellectual property rights and protection for our clients, and we successfully enforce these rights in courts of law and before federal agencies in a manner that meets the needs while achieving the objectives of our clients.

Our attorneys are experienced in genome and genetic engineering bioinformatics, biochemistry, biomedical engineering (including medical devices), cellular and molecular biology (including stem cells and retrodifferentiation), immunology (including antibodies and recombinant (e.g., viral and plasmid) as well as attenuated, inactivated and subunit vaccines), organic chemistry, polymers, pharmaceuticals, plant genetics and virology (e.g., poxviruses, baculoviruses, herpesviruses, adenoviruses, retroviruses, virus-like particles and retrotransposons).

Our patent professionals include attorneys, scientists and patent agents who hold advanced degrees and have broad academic and industry experience. Some of our attorneys have focused their practice on biotechnology since the industry’s inception, allowing us to offer thorough institutional knowledge. We also publish regularly in peer-reviewed journals and lecture at and attend international conferences, which enables us to remain current on issues affecting the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We maintain relationships with other patent professionals and scientists, as well as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and its examiners, which translates into effectively obtaining patent protection for our clients.

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