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Vedder Thinking | Events Bill Gibson to Present at Ishka Investing in Aviation Finance: Europe


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March 28, 2023

London Global Transportation Finance Shareholder Bill Gibson will participate in the upcoming Ishka Investing in Aviation: Europe on March 28. Ishka Investing in Aviation Finance: Europe brings together institutional investors and industry specialists looking to explore funding and aircraft investment opportunities across Europe and the rest of the world. Vedder Price is a proud sponsor of the event.

Mr. Gibson will moderate the panel entitled “How deep is bank appetite?” He will lead a conversation exploring how banks can support their clients with capital markets yet to reopen and lessors now being supported by warehouse facilities, the changes in pricing and leverage banks have seen in recent months, key features of warehouses facilities being deployed, and how will the transition away from LIBOR impact new and existing deals. For more information, click here.


Bill Gibson