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Shareholder and Chair of the DC Bar Pro Bono Committee Amy L. Bess recently co-authored an article for Bloomberg Law with Katherine A. Mazzaferri, former CEO of the DC Bar, and Patricia Wald, Chief Judge for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. With more than 30 years in the legal industry each, and significant collective wisdom on how women can advance their careers, the accomplished trio shared a variety of insights for young women lawyers to succeed in the profession.

The tips include harnessing one’s passion, building an early skillset, being honest with oneself and others, not being afraid to get the credit a young attorney deserves and meeting influential leaders of the bar. The authors advise that young lawyers should “treat internal firm relationships just like external clients: as you are rising in the firm and in your career, your most important source of business and opportunities will come from your colleagues within your firm.” Continuing with that theme, the authors urge that young women lawyers should take ownership of their own professional development by setting goals for themselves and then identifying the key experience, skills and opportunities needed to achieve those goals.

The final advice offered is to make every relationship count and work to develop personal client relationships. Ms. Bess and her co-authors conclude with the following words of encouragement for young women attorneys: “Make sure along the way you make room for a life outside the law – for family, significant others, friends, non-legal civic responsibilities. The law can be a lonely life without them.”

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