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Vedder Thinking | News Amy Bess Quoted in SHRM Article, “Protect Workers Whose Jobs Make Them Vulnerable to Harassment”

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Shareholder and Chair of the firm’s Labor & Employment practice area Amy L. Bess was recently quoted in a Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) article on harassment in the workplace. Ms. Bess commented on HR professionals responsibilities in the article, “Protect Workers Whose Jobs Make Them Vulnerable to Harassment,” noting that HR should pay particular attention to isolated workers to ensure that they are aware of the employer’s complaint processes. These types of workers the author is referring to are gig economy workers, employees on the third shift, farmworkers, and other employees who often work in isolation.

“They [HR professionals] also should provide targeted training to this group of workers on the company’s anti-harassment policies and procedures,” she continued.

Ms. Bess also discussed the security steps that should be put in place during these isolated shifts, noting “The use of prominently displayed video cameras may deter a would-be aggressor.” She also added that security staff could conduct unscheduled safety checks for isolated employees.

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