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Labor and Employment Shareholder Amy Bess of the Washington, DC office was recently quoted in Law360, commenting on two proposed bills that could reshape the labor and employment law landscape, and that businesses should have on their radar.

While there is strong conservative support for the National Right to Work Act, Ms. Bess commented that unions will continue to fight hard against it and Republicans in Congress potentially have more pressing concerns. Additionally, she notes that given the number of states that have passed their own right to work laws, this is an issue that may have more momentum on the state level. That said, she does not predict that right to work laws will be swiftly adopted in all of the 22 states currently without such laws. She notes that while these laws may continue to creep a bit across the country’s more conservative enclaves, she does not see them sweeping the country.

Ms. Bess also commented on the Raise the Wage Act, which would establish a $15 minimum wage nationwide, and the struggles Democrats may face in a Republican controlled Congress, though the proposal could act as a springboard for raising the current level at least. “It’s a very desirable and palatable position to take, that we need to raise the living standards of Americans across the country,” she said. “That’s a bipartisan concept that should have support on both sides of the aisle.”

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Amy L. Bess