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Vedder Thinking | News Amy Bess Comments on the Importance of Workplace Romance Policies as Companies Return to the Office in Forbes

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Shareholder and Chair of the Labor and Employment practice area Amy L. Bess was interviewed by Forbes on workplace romance policies as companies head back into the office following extended work-from-home arrangements due to COVID-19. 

The article follows the resignation of CNN President Jeff Zucker, who issued a statement to employees admitting he failed to make a required disclosure about a consensual relationship with a colleague. This has been a reminder of the importance of these policies, even more so now that in-person activities are resuming. 

Bess comments that although some of these policies have “probably gathered some dust on the shelf” over the past two years, they are still just as relevant and will likely be a part of a policy review process for most companies that are returning to an in-person work structure. 

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Amy L. Bess