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Vedder Thinking | News Alain Villeneuve Quoted in Recent InsideCounsel Article

Media Mention

Alain Villeneuve, a Shareholder and member of the firm’s Intellectual Property group, was quoted in an InsideCounsel article titled “EU Approves Creation of Unitary Patent System.”

The article focuses on Europe’s recently approved unitary patent system. Although the system is set to go into effect as early as 2014, it’s more likely to be a few additional years before it goes live. The article discusses how the unitary system will streamline the process for patent applicants as well as provide cost savings. The article also addresses some of the initial hurdles and skepticism of the future users.

Mr. Villenueve weighed in favorably saying, “Any new system will come with a ton of growing pains…but it’s going to be a wonderful tool.” He added, “My read on it is that it’s not only a step toward the future, but it’s a step toward Europe becoming the United States of Europe.”

To read the complete InsideCounsel article, please click here.


Alain Villeneuve