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Vedder Thinking | News Aaron Gelb Quoted Throughout Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report Article about ADA Accommodations

Media Mention

Shareholder Aaron R. Gelb was quoted throughout a recent Bloomberg BNA Daily Labor Report article titled "Job Coach Not Required to Accommodate Worker for Workplace Profanity, 7th Cir. Says." In the article, Mr. Gelb discusses how the employer, a grocery store, defeated the failure to accommodate claim of an intellectually disabled employee who was fired for swearing in front of the store’s customers. The case, according to Mr. Gelb, serves as a useful reminder that the courts expect employers to meet employees with disabilities halfway in an effort to identify job accommodations. Mr. Gelb goes on to discuss the practical effect of being able to point to a record of good faith efforts to identify reasonable accommodations and the legal defenses available to those employers who can do so.

Click below to download Bloomberg BNA's Daily Labor Report article featuring Mr. Gelb.


Aaron R. Gelb